Ariela Krevat

Well, hello!

I’m Ariela, a digital product and UX lead with a focus on strategy, interaction design, and user-centered experience design. I’ve been working for over 12 years on large-scale UX challenges across an array of products, and I’m deeply committed to compassionate design that addresses real customer needs. Simply put: I love solving complex problems and building cool stuff.

Currently, I lead design at Joymode in DTLA. Previously, I worked on framework at Bing, and earlier at Amazon, designing for Fire TV and some hush-hush stuff. I'm the brains behind Is It a Jewish Holiday Today? and the upcoming Fauxsher. Before my days in "big tech," I spent time in the agency world, doing interactive design at C2 Creative in NYC, and also independently, handling projects for Bank of America, CBS, the Center for Humans and Nature, TV Guide, and other big- and small-name companies.

You can browse some of my older work on Behance. And feel free to shoot me an email if you're interested in seeing more or just want to say hello!